About us

Welcome to our world. The world of experiences, adventure, beautiful sights and full of memories encased in the shape of photos and vivid accounts.

We've been travelling for some years now and we thought it's high time we shared our experiences with somebody who loves what we do.

We love visiting new places, be it big or small, famous or unknown to anybody, full of history or connected with nature. We believe that everywhere there is something to be discovered. It is the art of the photographer which makes it possible for the viewer to feel as moved as the author of the photo was while taking it, no matter if the subject is St. Mark's Square in Venice or a field literally covered by red poppies. We will share with you what we consider truly worth experiencing.

We would like you to enter our world, enjoy it and join us in making it larger and richer. You are welcome to add parts of your experiences, your interests, your adventures to our site to make it a great source of pleasure for every artistic and inquisitive soul.