The inaccessible Venice

There are places in Venice where entry is forbidden.

Forbidden neither by law nor by local customs. Forbidden by laws of physics.

no trespasing, Venice, Italy

There are no pavements, there is no place to put a foot.

Mare Verticale in Venice, Italy

One day we decided to experience the green side of Venice. We learnt that there are two quite big parks in Venice - Parco delle Rimembranze and Giardini Pubblici. While walking along the latter one we encountered a strange sight. A long, vertical structure in a shape of a boat was rising before our eyes right, as it seemed, from the water of the lagoon. What on earth was it?

Mare Verticale in Venice

Surprising scent in Eger, Hungary

You never know what awaits you in such a place as Tourist Motel in Eger...

Fresh Tiger scent in Eger, Hungary

The Leaning Tower and other miracles in Pisa, Italy

Before I actually saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I had imagined it to be standing all alone. (Never mind the pictures I must have seen before, with all the buildings surrounding. Our memory and imagination are more powerful than the bare facts;-))

When you approach the area with the Tower, you encounter a wall surrounding what is called Piazza dei Miracoli. And it is by no mistake that Piazza dei Miracoli bears this very name. It really is full of miracles. In fact it looks like one huge miracle. It truly is an awesome sight. The ivory, as it seems, buildings look beautiful on green grass.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Duomo

Treeless Venice?

Somebody had told us once (or we had read it somewhere) that Venice is nothing more than buildings and water. To see a tree there is something unique.

Thus mentally prepared off we went to explore the treeless Venice.

I must say that what we saw shocked us. Was that someone completely blind or something? Or maybe all he had achieved in Venice was to visit St. Mark's Square and go back inland?

Trees in Venice, Italy

Medieval streets in Assisi, Italy

The main and the most obvious goal when going to Assisi is to visit the Basilica of St. Francis. The city, however, has something more to offer than that.

Medieval buildings in Assisi, Italy

Venice curiosities - part three

Well, at long last (but not least;-)) here come Venice curiosities part three.

Have a look at this fantasic mixture of Italy and China for a start.

Ristorante Chinatown in Venice, Italy

Once we visited one Korean restaurant in Giudecca to have... Tiramisu. Well, as you can see everything's possible.

Beware of Bormustra in Eger, Hungary

Have you ever heard the word Bormustra? It's in Hungarian and it's connected with the Wine Competition that takes place in Eger in the spring or summer. It lasts a few days.

Bormustra - Wine Competition - in Eger, Hungary

The fairy-tale island in Venice, Italy

Take the first step out of the vaporetto and there they are. The colourful fairy-tale houses of Burano.

Burano - first sight, Venice, Italy

Venice animals

Yes, we definitely like travelling. But we definitely like animals too. So it's inevitable that while travelling we pay attention to (almost) any living forms;-))

What does a dog's life look like in a city situated on water for example? Not that bad, I must say. The one we saw had its own boat;-)

A dog in a boat in Venice, Italy

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