Bacio! Bacio! A very special rock near Capri, Italy

When we came to Capri, we were offered a special ride in a boat around Capri (the so-called giro isola). It was very exciting, as the views that passed by with the light speed were breathtaking, and because the roar of the motor made you almost deaf;-) I remember some of the views, some strangely cut rocks, some grand houses on the cliffs, a lighthouse and the such,

Capri - lighthouse

but most of all I cherish one moment of the trip. It was when we approached a group of three rocks rising right from the blue-green water. The middle one had a hole in it, a kind of a gate through which water flowed.

Capri - three rocks

After a while we realized that we were going to go through that very gate. This in itself was very exciting. But then, just as we started going through it, something strange happened. The anonymous people, who had been up to then sitting nicely on the benches of the boat, started chanting ““Ba-cio! Ba-cio! Ba-cio!” We soon learned that the rock was a special place for all the couples who were in love. While crossing the passage they were supposed to kiss (this is what bacio means) each other. Well, so we did;-)

Capri - bacio rock