Casa Deo Bepi Sua in Burano, Venice, Italy

When we visited Burano for the first time, we were truly taken by the colourful surroundings, as if straight from a fairy tale.

Colourful buildings in Burano, Venice, Italy

We took hundreds of photos and bought some postcards as well. Later at home I noticed a very interesting house in one of the postcards. It captured our attention because it was completely different from the rest of the colourful houses in Burano. Most of them are painted pink, green, red, yellow or blue - a real rainbow of colours is put into work here. But there’s the rule: one house - one colour applied. Casa Bepi is different. It has colourful patterns instead of one colour.

Casa Bepi in Burano, Venice, Italy

I thought such a unique thing like this should be well-known to the public and thus it must be somewhere close to the beaten paths. Well, I was wrong.

But I’m not the kind of person who gives up easily, as you might have already noticed;-)) I decided to find it somehow. So when we visited Burano again, I approached a lady who was selling postcards, took one of them showing Casa Bepi, and asked the lady where the place was. I have to admit I was quite sure her answer would be, “I don’t know”, or, “I don’t understand English”. What a nice surprise! Not only did the lady know what I meant but she also knew where the house was! And so she quickly started explaining it to me. Needless to say that she did it in Italian;-)) But she happened to be using easily understandable words and… her index finger;-)) She said (among many other things, of course), “ponte” (that’s a bridge in Italian),

Bridge in Burano, Venice, Italy

“bar” (well, everybody knows what this means), “farmacia” (meaning the chemist’s or pharmacy) and “sinistra” (and although it sounds similar to “sinister”, it only means “left”;-))

Following her directions, we found Casa Deo Bepi Sua with the greatest ease. But for the lady we would have never had any chance.

Casa Deo Bepi Sua - door in Burano, Venice, Italy

You have to enter a very narrow street and after a while you find yourself in a small backyard surrounded by colourful houses. But only one of them is patterned …

Casa Bepi and surrounding buildings in Burano, Venice, Italy