Lake Albano near Castel Gandolfo, Italy

I think most people know that Castel Gandolfo is the summer home of the Pope. I think many have been received in the special audiences. But how many people realize what lies outside the residence itself? How many had enough time to explore the surroundings of the famous place?

We were lucky indeed as we did have quite a lot of time to do it.

What struck us was that once you passed the Pope’s palace you were almost immediately thrust onto an amazing view. The buildings ended sharply and suddenly the vast landscape was stretched before your eyes. Well, or should I rather say,a “waterscape” ? ;-)

Lake Albano

Lake Albano

This was Lake Albano, beautifully surrounded by hills or mountains, with small specks of houses scattered on its banks.

Lake Albano - close-up

It was simply breathtaking, the vastness and immensity of the lake, the fragility of the houses crouching there and the still water, so peaceful as if it was aware of posessing some great power people haven’t dreamt about yet.

Lake Albano - view framed with leaves