You won't be disappointed by the Colosseum, Rome in Italy

Even though we had had it guaranteed in the schedule, there was some misunderstanding and it turned out some other people were to go inside the Colosseum instead of us. Impossible! Well, we might have as well bought a postcard if we wanted to see the famous building on the outside only.

Rome, Italy - Colosseum - the first sight

It was the first sight of the Colosseum. Rising abruptly right among the ordinary city buildings. And we were not to go inside? Whenever you find yourself in a similar situation, don’t give up! Fight for it! It’s the Colosseum after all, and not any shed or something. It’s one in a million, there’s nothing like that anywhere in the world. So that’s what I did. I was stubborn and I knew well what I wanted. And you know what? I won the battle. We went inside. What a relief at first. And what astonishment just after that!

Rome, Italy - Colosseum inside

What a huge building it is, even after so many centuries, even after being destroyed and partially re-used to build something else. We were flabbergasted to see the remains of the arena where so many gladiators had fought, where so many innocent lives had been lost. Even now the splendour of this place is omnipresent. Here you can see the recently built stage where concerts take place but imagine that in the past the whole area was covered to serve as an arena for the fighting people and animals, and just beneath it there were countless corridors and rooms where the gladiators were changing and waiting for their turn.

Rome, Italy - Colosseum inside

All we were able to do was to turn around and around and take hundreds of photos. Have a look at the remains of the roofs.

Rome, Italy - Colosseum inside

And how well-preserved the Colosseum is after all.

Rome, Italy - Colosseum inside

Alas, you have to be there yourself to feel that special atmosphere as photos cannot possibly convey even a small part of it. Nevertheless, have a look and feel inspired to visit this magical place. It’s an unforgettable experience.

Rome, Italy - Colosseum - black cat