The Minaret Adventure in Eger, Hungary

Before we go anywhere we like to read about the place we are going to visit. Not only to know more or to boast about our knowledge when we come back. The most important reason is not to miss something worth seeing just because of our ignorance. Thus we were pleasantly surprised to find out that in Eger, which was our destination, there is a real minaret. It was a real treat. It was something different. It was something really worth taking a photo of.

Eger, Hungary - minaret

The very first sight of the minaret enchanted us. It was beautiful, so thin, so oriental amongst all the other buildings.

Eger, Hungary - minaret and city view

We happened to pass by it quite often. Then a thought occurred in my mind. To be in Eger and not to climb the minaret? Impossible! The minaret is a “muemlek”, which in Hungarian means a historic building.

Eger, Hungary - minaret muemlek - historic building

Off I went to buy the ticket.

Eger, Hungary - minaret entrance

You have to wait for the ones who are going down before you can climb the minaret yourself, as inside there is literally no space for two people to pass in opposite directions.

Eger, Hungary - minaret inside

Besides, when you finally reach the top, climbing very steep stone stairs,

Eger, Hungary - minaret inside

you find yourself thrust onto a railing so close to the wall of the minaret and so low that you feel you will fall out any moment.

Eger, Hungary - view from the minaret

Coming down is even worse than climbing up, I’m afraid. Inside there is no banister to get hold onto and when you are on the top step all you can see is a stone abyss you are supposed to come down to somehow. What’s more, it’s quite dark inside. There are no real widows, just four (as far as I remember) small holes along the length of the minaret. Just have a look at that.

Eger, Hungary - minaret inside

Thus when I finally came out of that monster, innocently called the minaret, I was rather green on my face. So, the title for this place should be rather something like “The Minaret Nightmare” …