Casa Deo Bepi Sua in Burano, Venice, Italy

When we visited Burano for the first time, we were truly taken by the colourful surroundings, as if straight from a fairy tale.

Colourful buildings in Burano, Venice, ItalyColourful buildings in Burano, Venice, Italy

A piggy you can't miss in Florence, Italy

When in Florence, everybody goes to see the famous Ponte Vecchio (the Old Bridge) on the River Arno, but not everyone knows about a statue of a wild boar, tenderly called Il Porcellino, which means "piggy". The statue is in fact a small fountain and is situated quite close to the bridge, in Mercato Nuovo (the Straw Market).

As far as I know, it is a copy of a copy - Pietro Tacca made one in the 17th century, basing it on some Greek statue. Now, as many people touch it, a copy has been made to replace the original.

Why touch it? There is a superstition that if you touch Il Porcellino, you will come back to Florence. Another one says it brings good luck. People like stories like that. Well, see for yourselves how shiny the piggy's snout is from rubbing it;-)

Porcellino in Florence, Italy

View from the Accademia Bridge in Venice, Italy

It's really amazing to stand on the bridge and be able to admire Santa Maria della Salute on the one side and the Canale Grande on the other at the same time but not in the same light. Here is the Santa Maria della Salute view.

Venice, Italy - View from the Accademia Bridge

Venice curiosities - part two

Well, it's high time to take care of Venice curiosities for the second time;-)

What was omnipresent in Venice was renovation. The cranes standing here and there but most of all the canvas! No, no, there was not any art exhibition on this occasion, although... Well, to get this straight, I mean the canvas they put on the buildings that are being renovated. Nothing strange in that? I'm afraid you are wrong. What serves as the covering has the part of the renovated building painted (or rather photographed) on itself. It looks beautiful. Well, don't take my word for it, just check it yourself.

Here you have St. Mark's clock tower.

St. Mark's clock tower in Venice

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