Casa Deo Bepi Sua in Burano, Venice, Italy

When we visited Burano for the first time, we were truly taken by the colourful surroundings, as if straight from a fairy tale.

Colourful buildings in Burano, Venice, ItalyColourful buildings in Burano, Venice, Italy

San Michele cemetery in Venice, Italy. Part One

When you stroll along Fondamenta Nuove you can see San Michele cemetery - an island so different from the rest of the Venetian islands.

San Michele cemetery, Venice, ItalySan Michele cemetery, Venice, Italy

It's not very lively here, you know;-))

Venice - constantly renovated. Part Two.

Talking about renovation...

Palazzo Ducale (The Doge's Palace) - scaffolding, Venice, ItalyPalazzo Ducale (The Doge's Palace) - scaffolding, Venice, Italy

Venice - constantly renovated. Part One.

What you have to be prepared for, when going to Venice, Italy, is that the very building you have craved to see for such a long time, might be currently undergoing renovation.

Palazzo at Canale Grande renovated, Venice, ItalyPalazzo at Canale Grande renovated, Venice, Italy

The Liceum building in Eger, Hungary

The Liceum was something we first read about in a guidebook. It said there that it had been supposed to become the seat of a university, but the Austrians didn't agree. However, the building was there, so it served (and still does) many different purposes. It also said there is a library, an astrological museum, and that on the ninth floor you can find what's called camera obscura. Fine with that. Then, with all that knowledge thoroughly packed in our minds, off we went to see it.

What we saw amazed us beyond belief. The first sentence we uttered was, "Where is this ninth floor supposed to be anyway??" Now for some explanation: the building itself looks like a four - maybe five - storey one. Something must have been wrong. We decided we had to check on that quickly. As we approached the Liceum we noticed some information board saying that we can find camera obscura on the ninth floor. Huh? How about that?

The Liceum building in Eger, Hungary

An Orthodox church in Svidnik, Slovakia

While travelling we quite often happen to pass by that Orthodox church in Svidnik, Slovakia. It's Svidnik's landmark (at least that's what we, passers by, assume;-) and we always look forward to seeing it again. One day we have to stop there and see what it looks like inside.

Orthodox church in Svidnik, Slovakia

An amazing costruction of glass and steel in Naples, Italy

The Umberto I Gallery was constructed in the 19th century. You can find it in Naples, Italy and I must say it impressed us very much.
It is a strange feeling to find yourself in a street and inside a building, and both of these in the same time. All this is due to the glass and steel dome that joins the passages between buildings.
The floor is made of marble. In one place you can find a colourful Zodiac mosaic. (Btw, Umberto I was the only Italian king to have been assassinated).

Naples, Italy - Umberto I Gallery

You won't be disappointed by the Colosseum, Rome in Italy

Even though we had had it guaranteed in the schedule, there was some misunderstanding and it turned out some other people were to go inside the Colosseum instead of us. Impossible! Well, we might have as well bought a postcard if we wanted to see the famous building on the outside only.

Rome, Italy - Colosseum - the first sight

It was the first sight of the Colosseum. Rising abruptly right among the ordinary city buildings. And we were not to go inside?

Venice curiosities - part two

Well, it's high time to take care of Venice curiosities for the second time;-)

What was omnipresent in Venice was renovation. The cranes standing here and there but most of all the canvas! No, no, there was not any art exhibition on this occasion, although... Well, to get this straight, I mean the canvas they put on the buildings that are being renovated. Nothing strange in that? I'm afraid you are wrong. What serves as the covering has the part of the renovated building painted (or rather photographed) on itself. It looks beautiful. Well, don't take my word for it, just check it yourself.

Here you have St. Mark's clock tower.

St. Mark's clock tower in Venice

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