The Liceum building in Eger, Hungary

The Liceum was something we first read about in a guidebook. It said there that it had been supposed to become the seat of a university, but the Austrians didn't agree. However, the building was there, so it served (and still does) many different purposes. It also said there is a library, an astrological museum, and that on the ninth floor you can find what's called camera obscura. Fine with that. Then, with all that knowledge thoroughly packed in our minds, off we went to see it.

What we saw amazed us beyond belief. The first sentence we uttered was, "Where is this ninth floor supposed to be anyway??" Now for some explanation: the building itself looks like a four - maybe five - storey one. Something must have been wrong. We decided we had to check on that quickly. As we approached the Liceum we noticed some information board saying that we can find camera obscura on the ninth floor. Huh? How about that?

The Liceum building in Eger, Hungary

Miracles in the Pancake Castle in Eger, Hungary

You can say what you want but good food can definitely change a sad, depressed man into one full of energy and optimism. It is a miracle-working stuff, especially when, after having been sightseeing all day long, you suddenly feel very weak and often... angry. It's a visible sign that you should quickly find a nice place to eat.

Ours in Eger was Palacsintavar in Dobo Street.

Pancake restaurant in Eger

The Minaret Adventure in Eger, Hungary

Before we go anywhere we like to read about the place we are going to visit. Not only to know more or to boast about our knowledge when we come back. The most important reason is not to miss something worth seeing just because of our ignorance. Thus we were pleasantly surprised to find out that in Eger, which was our destination, there is a real minaret. It was a real treat. It was something different. It was something really worth taking a photo of.

Eger, Hungary - minaret

Surprising scent in Eger, Hungary

You never know what awaits you in such a place as Tourist Motel in Eger...

Fresh Tiger scent in Eger, Hungary

Beware of Bormustra in Eger, Hungary

Have you ever heard the word Bormustra? It's in Hungarian and it's connected with the Wine Competition that takes place in Eger in the spring or summer. It lasts a few days.

Bormustra - Wine Competition - in Eger, Hungary

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