Casa Deo Bepi Sua in Burano, Venice, Italy

When we visited Burano for the first time, we were truly taken by the colourful surroundings, as if straight from a fairy tale.

Colourful buildings in Burano, Venice, ItalyColourful buildings in Burano, Venice, Italy

San Michele cemetery in Venice, Italy. Part three

Then we decided to look for the graves of some famous people buried in San Michele cemetery..

San Michele cemetery - Orthodox part entrance, Venice, ItalySan Michele cemetery - Orthodox part entrance, Venice, Italy

San Michele cemetery in Venice, Italy. Part Two

San Michele cemetery - decorated tomb, Venice, ItalySan Michele cemetery - decorated tomb, Venice, Italy

From the courtyard you can move on in many different directions. We chose the nearest gate and there we saw a small, contemporary part of the cemetery with ordinary graves - nothing really special. We have read somewhere that San Michele is supposed to be the resting place for the Venetians only for 10 years. After that time the ashes are moved to some other cemeteries. You know - the space, or rather lack of it. But the truth is that we found quite a lot of contemporary graves that were more than ten years old.

Venice - constantly renovated. Part Two.

Talking about renovation...

Palazzo Ducale (The Doge's Palace) - scaffolding, Venice, ItalyPalazzo Ducale (The Doge's Palace) - scaffolding, Venice, Italy

Venice - constantly renovated. Part One.

What you have to be prepared for, when going to Venice, Italy, is that the very building you have craved to see for such a long time, might be currently undergoing renovation.

Palazzo at Canale Grande renovated, Venice, ItalyPalazzo at Canale Grande renovated, Venice, Italy

Bacio! Bacio! A very special rock near Capri, Italy

When we came to Capri, we were offered a special ride in a boat around Capri (the so-called giro isola). It was very exciting, as the views that passed by with the light speed were breathtaking, and because the roar of the motor made you almost deaf;-) I remember some of the views, some strangely cut rocks, some grand houses on the cliffs, a lighthouse and the such,

Capri - lighthouse

Lake Albano near Castel Gandolfo, Italy

I think most people know that Castel Gandolfo is the summer home of the Pope. I think many have been received in the special audiences. But how many people realize what lies outside the residence itself? How many had enough time to explore the surroundings of the famous place?

We were lucky indeed as we did have quite a lot of time to do it.

What struck us was that once you passed the Pope's palace you were almost immediately thrust onto an amazing view. The buildings ended sharply and suddenly the vast landscape was stretched before your eyes. Well, or should I rather say,a "waterscape"?;-)

Lake Albano

Zebra crossing in ancient Pompeii, Italy

What struck us while in Pompeii was these huge blocks of stone, put at some distance from one another on the street, joining two opposing pavements. We found out that they had been meant to prevent the Pompeii pedestrians from getting all soaked wet and dirty in what was flowing on the streets. The huge stones were thus a kind of a zebra crossing of our times.

Zebra crossing in ancient Pompeii - cart tracks

Notice long deep tracks in the street made by carts going by in ancient times.

A piggy you can't miss in Florence, Italy

When in Florence, everybody goes to see the famous Ponte Vecchio (the Old Bridge) on the River Arno, but not everyone knows about a statue of a wild boar, tenderly called Il Porcellino, which means "piggy". The statue is in fact a small fountain and is situated quite close to the bridge, in Mercato Nuovo (the Straw Market).

As far as I know, it is a copy of a copy - Pietro Tacca made one in the 17th century, basing it on some Greek statue. Now, as many people touch it, a copy has been made to replace the original.

Why touch it? There is a superstition that if you touch Il Porcellino, you will come back to Florence. Another one says it brings good luck. People like stories like that. Well, see for yourselves how shiny the piggy's snout is from rubbing it;-)

Porcellino in Florence, Italy

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