View from the Accademia Bridge in Venice, Italy

It's really amazing to stand on the bridge and be able to admire Santa Maria della Salute on the one side and the Canale Grande on the other at the same time but not in the same light. Here is the Santa Maria della Salute view.

Venice, Italy - View from the Accademia Bridge

Who is next to take a dip? Padua, Italy

Padua, a very nice, picturesque city, has one special tradition. On the market square, where by the way you can buy a variety of juicy fruit and different vegetables, there is a nice fountain.

Padua, Italy - fountain

We were told that in the past this very fountain had witnessed one of the most peculiar traditions we have heard of. When a man graduated from a university, his fellow students dipped him in the fountain and they definitely did their best to make him soaked wet.

Venice curiosities - part one

Venice is different. No doubt about it. There is no other so famous a city constructed on wooden piles, surrounded by water, crossed by many canals and so full of beautiful buildings and charming places.

After a while you get used to the thought that Venice is exceptional. By that I definitely don't mean you get bored with Venice. Far from that! You just simply take for granted that you are supposed to encounter something special every minute of your stay there.

Nevertheless, there happened to be quite a few things that either amused us, astonished or surprised in Venice, even though we thought were truly prepared for anything out of the ordinary there. Let me show you some of them.

The cost of travelling by gondola is high but it's worth it. Don't listen to anybody who'll tell you that you can see and experience the same from a vaporetto. A vaporetto is a great means of communication in Venice, but far from being a romantic one. First of all, a gondola is quiet (unless the gondolier attempts to sing;-) Besides, a vaporetto cannot move in the narrow canals and that's the very beauty of the trip to see the heart of the city, something more than Canale Grande. I said narrow canals. Sometimes they are really so narrow that the gondolier has to use his leg to avoid crashing into the walls!

Gondolier's leg

Graffiti in ancient Pompeii, Italy

Graffiti, which seems to be typical of our times, can be found even in ancient cities, like Pompeii. Here are three great (and sweet, I think) examples of graffiti, probably made by Pompeian children (otherwise it must have been a very unskilled so-called artist;-)

The first, I believe, was supposed to represent a boat of some sort.

Graffiti in Pompeii, boat

The next one shows a fearsome (and quite fearless I'm sure) gladiator.

An amazing costruction of glass and steel in Naples, Italy

The Umberto I Gallery was constructed in the 19th century. You can find it in Naples, Italy and I must say it impressed us very much.
It is a strange feeling to find yourself in a street and inside a building, and both of these in the same time. All this is due to the glass and steel dome that joins the passages between buildings.
The floor is made of marble. In one place you can find a colourful Zodiac mosaic. (Btw, Umberto I was the only Italian king to have been assassinated).

Naples, Italy - Umberto I Gallery

You won't be disappointed by the Colosseum, Rome in Italy

Even though we had had it guaranteed in the schedule, there was some misunderstanding and it turned out some other people were to go inside the Colosseum instead of us. Impossible! Well, we might have as well bought a postcard if we wanted to see the famous building on the outside only.

Rome, Italy - Colosseum - the first sight

It was the first sight of the Colosseum. Rising abruptly right among the ordinary city buildings. And we were not to go inside?

The Torcello Island, near Venice, Italy

When preparing for the trip from Venice to Torcello take into account the time needed for the trip itself (about 1 hour from Fondamente Nuove to Torcello, changing the vaporetto on Burano), the opening hours of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta with the bell tower, the Santa Fosca Church and the archaeological museum.
A vaporetto gives you an opportunity to reach Torcello while experiencing breathtaking views of the lagoon of Venice and some aspects of the life of the local inhabitants.

Lagoon of Venice from vaporetto

The inaccessible Venice

There are places in Venice where entry is forbidden.

Forbidden neither by law nor by local customs. Forbidden by laws of physics.

no trespasing, Venice, Italy

There are no pavements, there is no place to put a foot.

Mare Verticale in Venice, Italy

One day we decided to experience the green side of Venice. We learnt that there are two quite big parks in Venice - Parco delle Rimembranze and Giardini Pubblici. While walking along the latter one we encountered a strange sight. A long, vertical structure in a shape of a boat was rising before our eyes right, as it seemed, from the water of the lagoon. What on earth was it?

Mare Verticale in Venice

The Leaning Tower and other miracles in Pisa, Italy

Before I actually saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa, I had imagined it to be standing all alone. (Never mind the pictures I must have seen before, with all the buildings surrounding. Our memory and imagination are more powerful than the bare facts;-))

When you approach the area with the Tower, you encounter a wall surrounding what is called Piazza dei Miracoli. And it is by no mistake that Piazza dei Miracoli bears this very name. It really is full of miracles. In fact it looks like one huge miracle. It truly is an awesome sight. The ivory, as it seems, buildings look beautiful on green grass.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Duomo

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