The Castle in Baranów Sandomierski, Poland

A visit to the castle is an ideal one-day trip (unless you live far, far away, that is;-) Well, what I mean is that one can enjoy the place fully in one day only. Nevertheless, it really is worth seeing. The sixteenth-century castle, its most famous owners having been the Leszczynski family, is a real jewel.
Baranów Sandomierski castle view

The castle has an inner courtyard with an exceptional staircase roofed with what resembles an ancient Japanese helmet or something.

My favourite place in the Tatra Mountains, Poland

I must confess... ;-)) I've already been there three times and I've not had enough. Whenever I have another chance, I'll go there again. What is more, the place I'm talking about changes constantly. Every year it looks different. Every time you see it, there's something new and although you feel it has changed, you love it all the same.

The Tatra Mountains, Poland

Magnolias in Bolestraszyce, Poland

When you come to the arboretum in Bolestraszyce it's obvious that you are here to admire the nature (arranged by a human hand a bit, of course;-) You are virtually surrounded by it and it's a good idea to go there in May. Why in May and not in any other "green" month? The answer is simple: blooming magnolias. Bolestraszyce keepers boast that they have some two hundred magnolias in the area. Well, I don't know about that, but one thing is sure - even a couple of them is bound to make you speechless. That's the surrounding beauty of all the other flora species and the ability to come closer that makes it so unforgettable. You can approach each magnolia tree, touch it and feel the petals and see their leathery surface. You can smell the delicate scent they emit and admire the various colours. Look at the greenish one, for example.

A magnolia tree

Sunset, Poland

Sunset in Poland. Or somewhere else.
That isn't a place in fact. It can be anywhere.
It's rather a state of mind than a physical place.
The day is ending. Doesn't matter if it's
in the country or in the city.


The castle in Lancut, Poland

If you happen to be in Poland, it is quite a good idea to visit the castle in Lancut. You can see it inside with a special guide and it's rather nice with all its suite of rooms, the Japanese-style suite, the small concert hall or the grand ballroom.

Lancut, Poland - castle

A picturesque church in Wilczyce, Poland

You certainly do not expect to find such a jewel in such a small town like Wilczyce, near Sandomierz in Poland. And yet there it is, amazingly beautiful.

Wilczyce, Poland - church

Sunset over the road, Poland

Sunset over the road.

Simply - watch, try to remember the feelings, try to stop the time running. Be. Here and now.

The same thing will not happen again. The time is running.

If you are lucky, then maybe a photo will help you remember The Moment.



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