Miracles in the Pancake Castle in Eger, Hungary

You can say what you want but good food can definitely change a sad, depressed man into one full of energy and optimism. It is a miracle-working stuff, especially when, after having been sightseeing all day long, you suddenly feel very weak and often... angry. It's a visible sign that you should quickly find a nice place to eat.

Ours in Eger was Palacsintavar in Dobo Street.

Pancake restaurant in Eger

Treeless Venice?

Somebody had told us once (or we had read it somewhere) that Venice is nothing more than buildings and water. To see a tree there is something unique.

Thus mentally prepared off we went to explore the treeless Venice.

I must say that what we saw shocked us. Was that someone completely blind or something? Or maybe all he had achieved in Venice was to visit St. Mark's Square and go back inland?

Trees in Venice, Italy

Venice curiosities - part three

Well, at long last (but not least;-)) here come Venice curiosities part three.

Have a look at this fantasic mixture of Italy and China for a start.

Ristorante Chinatown in Venice, Italy

Once we visited one Korean restaurant in Giudecca to have... Tiramisu. Well, as you can see everything's possible.

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