Terms of Service

Terms of Service

PtVT means places-to-visit.info Team - the entity running this site.

User means the person which has an account on this site
and is able to add content.


Copyright of all provided material belongs
to its respective owners.

PtVT takes no responsiblity for the User provided content.
The User is responsible for the content added by her/him.

PtVT has the right to stop providing the service or its part
for particular viewers/Users or at all at any time.

PtVT has the right to limit the functionality of or to remove the User's account.

PtVT has the right to change the content provided by the User.

PtVT may promote some products or services.

The User by adding content to this site grants PtVT
the right to use the added content on PtVT running sites.

Information provided on this site is on 'as is' basis.
In short, use it at your own risk.

Logging in by the User confirms the User's acceptance of the
Terms of Service in its current form as displayed on
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