A hidden jewel - Scala del Bovolo in Venice, Italy

Unless somebody really knows it is there, he most certainly won’t find it.

Scala del Bovolo - top, Venice, ItalyScala del Bovolo - top, Venice, Italy

Hidden in a labyrinth of narrow streets, suddenly changing their direction, this Renaissance jewel is truly worth seeing.

Narrow street near Scala del Bovolo, Venice, Italy

You can find it a short walk from Campo Manin, just follow the arrows.

Corte Contarini dal Bovolo, Venice, Italy

Scala del Bovolo (a snail staircase) rises unexpectedly in a small backyard. You have to have a wide-angle camera to take a good picture of it as there is so little space to move away to take a shot.

Scala del Bovolo renovated, Venice, Italy

Palazzo Contarini Minelli del Bovolo was built in 1499 by Giovanni Candi for the Contarini family. It required a great deal of fantasy, imagination and talent to create something so beautiful.

Sfcala del Bovolo detail, Venice, Italy

By the way, you can see it quite clearly from the top of the Campanile in Piazza San Marco if you look in the south-west direction.

Scala del Bovolo seen from Campanile, Venice, Italy

Unfortunately for us, Scala del Bovolo was undergoing renovation, so neither could we see the whole building nor go inside. Maybe next time?