The castle in Łańcut, Poland

If you happen to be in Poland, it is quite a good idea to visit the castle in Łańcut. You can see it inside with a special guide and it’s rather nice with all its suite of rooms, the Japanese-style suite, the small concert hall or the grand ballroom.

Łańcut, Poland - castle

To see the castle on the outside, though, is as rewarding. The castle was built in the 17th century in the "palazzo in fortezza" style, and two centuries later it was changed into a palace-park complex. This, more or less, is what you can admire nowadays - the building is surrounded by a moat and all around it there is a huge, beautiful park.

Łańcut, Poland - castle

There are some fountains in rose gardens.

Łańcut, Poland - castle fountain

As you can see, the variety of plant species is amazing.

Łańcut, Poland - castle rose garden

Łańcut, Poland - castle moat

It’s so romantic…

Łańcut, Poland - castle bridge

Have a look at this peacock-guarded gate.

Łańcut, Poland - castle peacock gate

I wonder what they are used for…

Łańcut, Poland - castle - supports

Aha! Two years later everything’s clear!

Łańcut, Poland - castle - supports with flowers

The stone lion. So peaceful, so self-confident.

Łańcut, Poland - castle - the stone lion

And could it be…? Yes, it is almost a lion, well, a cat in fact, looking for something tasty in the grass of the moat.