Mare Verticale in Venice, Italy

One day we decided to experience the green side of Venice. We learnt that there are two quite big parks in Venice - Parco delle Rimembranze and Giardini Pubblici. While walking along the latter one we encountered a strange sight. A long, vertical structure in a shape of a boat was rising before our eyes right, as it seemed, from the water of the lagoon. What on earth was it?

Mare Verticale in Venice

When we approached it, it turned out that there was a vertical screen built into one side of this artwork. It wasn’t easy to see at first that this screen was on and it showed water constantly flowing. What is worth noticing is that the screen faces Saint Mark’s Square. (It’s much better to come and experience it after sunset).

Mare Verticale in Venice

We later found out that what we saw was Fabrizio Plessi’s work called Mare Verticale (The Vertical Sea), which he had constructed in 2000. The installation is 44 metres high! It was put near Giardini Pubblici which is the site of Venice’s Biennale every two odd years.