Venice - constantly renovated. Part One.

What you have to be prepared for, when going to Venice, Italy, is that the very building you have craved to see for such a long time, might be currently undergoing renovation.

What it means may be really painful.

It may simply mean you won’t see the building of your dreams at all as it will be totally covered either with scaffolding…

… or with a large piece of canvas.

We have learned too many such lessons.

Imagine a situation when the right time has come, the spirits are high, you feel so excited you think you will burst in a minute. All because you are going to see your beloved Santa Maria della Salute (well, in fact you can put any other name of a historical building in Venice here). You arrive at the spot and there she is…

No, no, there must heve been some mistake, it can’t be true… It’s being renovated! All you can see is scaffolding. And your fabulous Santa Maria resembles a hedgehog rather than the fantastic baroque church you desired to see so much…

(to be continued)